Mooncakes + Oysters at Marco's

From $168 for a Box of 8 Custard Mooncakes + 12 Oysters (worth up to $2,592) at Marco's, Oak Tree, or Taste of Italy

3 bought

HK$228 HK$ 168

Mooncake-Making Class

F&B Education: From $168 for Up to 3 Hours of Mooncake-making Class (worth up to $776)

136 bought

HK$368 HK$ 168

Mooncakes @5* InterContinental

From $215 for Mooncake Collections from InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong (worth up to $388)

583 bought

HK$268 HK$ 215

Custard or Lotus Seed Mooncake

Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant: From $223 for Mooncake @ Holiday Inn Golden Mile (worth up to $368)

36 bought

HK$298 HK$ 223

Flavoured Mooncakes @ Farm House

Farm House: From $137 for a 6-Piece Mixed Flavoured Mooncake Set (worth up to $358) at Causeway Bay

204 bought

HK$228 HK$ 137

Po Toi & Lamma Island: Day Tour

Po Toi Island & Lamma Island: 1-Day Tour for 1 Person with Lunch

34 bought

HK$ 179

China: Tour of Chaozhou + Stay

Chaozhou Garden Hotel: 2D1N Stay for 1 Person with Tour and Meals

274 bought

HK$449 HK$ 269

Jiangmen: Villa + Hot Springs

Gudou Hot Spring Resort: 2D1N Stay in Villa for 1 with Hot Spring Valley Access and Return Ferry

78 bought

HK$ 550

Slate Food Display Platters

From $89 for Slate Food Display Platters (worth up to $796). 3 Designs

457 bought

HK$199 HK$ 89

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne

From $328 for a 750ml Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut NV Champagne (worth up to $3,480)

55 bought

HK$580 HK$ 328

Insulated Beverage Bag

$88 for an Insulated Wine Bag (worth $200). Insulated Beer Bag or 2-in-1 Picnic Bag Available

66 bought

HK$200 HK$ 88

Traditional Zisha Chinese Teaware + Free Delivery

From $199 for a 21-Piece Traditional Zisha Chinese Teaware Set (worth up to $798). 2 Colours

83 bought

HK$399 HK$ 199

Gui Tea Emerail Fine Blend Tea

From $73 for a Gui Tea Emerail Fine Blend Tea (worth up to $472). Thermos Cup Available

28 bought

HK$118 HK$ 73

Château Lagrange Bordeux

From $5,288 for a Case of 12 Château Lagrange 2010 Bordeux (worth up to $9,120). Chateu d'Yquem 1997 Available

0 bought

HK$9120 HK$ 5288

Louis Roederer Brut Premier

From $298 for Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne (worth up to $2,628)

31 bought

HK$438 HK$ 298

Shichiken Junmai Daiginjo Sake

From $199 for a 720ml Bottle of Shichiken Junmai Daiginjo Sake (worth up to $499). Sake Serving Set Available

20 bought

HK$299 HK$ 199

Veuve Fourny & Fils or Moët

$279 for a 750ml Veuve Fourny & Fils Grande Reserve Brut NV Champagne (worth $440). More Options Available

173 bought

HK$440 HK$ 279

Kyoto Gion Tsujiri Sakura Tea

From $99 for Kyoto Gion Tsujiri Sakura Tea (worth up to $716)

71 bought

HK$179 HK$ 99

Taiwan Jujube Walnut Cakes

From $109 for a Box of Taiwan Jujube or Jujube Walnut Cakes (worth up to $760)

106 bought

HK$172 HK$ 109

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label

From $355 for a Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label Champagne (worth up to $938)

26 bought

HK$469 HK$ 355

Male Hairy Crab @Kwong Lung Hong

Kwong Lung Hong 廣隆行: From $33 for a Male Hairy Crab (worth up to $138)

1187 bought

HK$66 HK$ 33

Lunch Set at Chao Dynasty

Chao Dynasty: $65 for a Lunch Set for 1 Person (worth $130)

543 bought

HK$130 HK$ 65

Michelin Starred Seafood Dinner

$1288 for Abalone Seafood Dinner Set at Michelin-Starred Fu Ho Ah Yung Abalone Restaurant (Worth $2688)

16 bought

HK$2688 HK$ 1288

75-Min Lantern-Making Workshop

From $148 for a 75-Min Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern-Making Workshop at Little Paris Arts Studio (worth up to $592)

15 bought

HK$296 HK$ 148

King Bakery Mooncakes @12 Outlets

King Bakery: $86 for a Box of 6 Custard Pastry Mooncakes (worth $158) at 12 Outlets

134 bought

HK$158 HK$ 86

Korean Course Meal @Lee Moon Yuen

From $248 for a Korean Course Dinner at Lee Moon Yuen Korea Restaurant (worth up to $1,298)

89 bought

HK$468 HK$ 248

Pringles Potato Chips Value Pack

From $148 for a Pringles Potato Chips Value Pack (worth up to $356)

66 bought

HK$178 HK$ 148

Japanese Pear or Nagano Grapes

From $69 for L-Sized Japanese 20 Century Pears (worth up to $1,386). Japanese Nagano Muscat Grapes Available

51 bought

HK$99 HK$ 69

Hokkaido Raiden Melon

From $228 for a Hokkaido Raiden Melon (worth up to $1,490)

4 bought

HK$298 HK$ 228

Durian Snow Skin Mooncakes

$660 for a Box of Mao Shan Wang Durian Snow Skin Mooncakes from Four Seasons Durians (worth $1,200)

11 bought

HK$1200 HK$ 660

HK:Organic Farm Tour + Activities

Tour of Organic Farm for 1 Person with Mooncake & Lantern-Making Classes and Firefly-Watching

8 bought

HK$288 HK$ 188

Book-Shaped LED Magnetic Lamp

From $238 for a Foldable Book-Shaped LED Magnetic Lamp (worth up to $996)

253 bought

HK$498 HK$ 238

Party Decoration or LED Lights

From $88 for Decorative LED Lights / Pack of 2 Handmade Buntings & Garlands (worth up to $398)

26 bought

HK$199 HK$ 88

6-Piece Glass Teapot Set

From $99 for a 6-Piece Glass Teapot Set (worth up to $840)

122 bought

HK$210 HK$ 99

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