Electromagnetic Cockroach & Mosquito Repeller

$79 Electromagnetic Cockroach & Mosquito Repeller (Worth $298) More Options Available

1860 bought

HK$298 HK$ 79

Waterproof Mattress Protector

From $69 for a Cottex Waterproof Mattress Protector (worth up to $999). Pillow Protector Available

1547 bought

HK$369 HK$ 69

L’hotel Island South Dinner Buffet

Welcome Breezy Summer ── $288 & up Dinner Buffet at LIS Café, L’hotel Island South (Valued up to $468)

1603 bought

HK$438 HK$ 288

Spicy Sautéed Crab & Seafood Set, Groupon Exclusive

$480 Six-Course Spicy Sautéed Crab & Seafood Set for Two at Crab General HeeKee (Worth $800) More Options Available

1234 bought

HK$800 HK$ 480

Life Fitness & Stretching Classes

$148 Six Yoga Classes at Life Fitness & Stretching (Worth $1080) More Options Available

1138 bought

HK$1080 HK$ 148

FlavorFresh Silicone Wraps

From $99 for a Set of 10 FlavorFresh Airtight Silicone Wraps (worth up to $676)

1301 bought

HK$169 HK$ 99

Back Joy Relief Posture Corrector

From $388 for a Back Joy Relief Posture Correction Support Seat (worth up to $3,588). 3 Colours

1336 bought

HK$598 HK$ 388

Black Smith Cotton Bed Sheet Set

From $298 for a Black Smith Cotton Fitted Bed Sheet Set (worth up to $3,480)

815 bought

HK$2280 HK$ 298

3M Filtrete Anti-Mite Pillow

From $229 for a 3M Filtrete Anti-Mite Pillow (worth up to $872). Free Delivery

494 bought

HK$374 HK$ 229

Japanese TIGER Lunch Box Set

From $258 for a Japanese TIGER Lunch Box Set (worth up to $448)

296 bought

HK$429 HK$ 258

Panasonic Microcurrent Massager

$899 for a Panasonic Microcurrent Massager (worth $1,298)

270 bought

HK$1298 HK$ 899

USB Travel Adapter

From $79 for a 4-Port or 6-Port USB Travel Adapter (worth up to $299). 3-in-1 Cable Available

343 bought

HK$199 HK$ 79

La Prairie Cellular Hydralift Facial

From $238 for a La Prairie Cellular Hydralift Facial + Meridian Back Massage (worth up to $27,960)

176 bought

HK$7020 HK$ 238

Martial Arts or Fitness Analysis

FFG Martial Arts & Fitness Centre: From $99 for 4 Martial Arts Classes (worth up to $4,800). Fitness Analysis Available

213 bought

HK$1088 HK$ 99

Set of Adjustable Dumbbells

From $988 for a Set of Adjustable Dumbbells with Free Delivery (worth up to $3,376)

56 bought

HK$1688 HK$ 988

Destination PreWedding Photoshoot

From $588 for a Wedding Photoshoot by IS Production House (worth up to $35,800). Macau, Okinawa, London Shoots Available

9 bought

HK$9800 HK$ 588

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